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Madness Gladius Madness Gladius

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Kinda late to this party, but here's my opinions about the animation.

The animation is fluid, characters have careful sense of posture in fights, as their feet actually animated to the moves. The artstyle is kind of a mixed bag to me, but I really like the style overall (The pelted gladiators and guards are really awesome!). I especially like the concept of Madness Combat characters being gladiators.

Though, A few things that put me a little of is some of the action. It feels a little too controlled, as in the kills and deaths feel a little the same (Block, block, parry, thrust.)... Like there's something restricting the characters from killing each other with more flexiblility. The audio and sound design is quite strange, you got pretty much the same sound when the weapons clash each other and the music is strangely mellow compared to what's really going on (I was expecting the music to get slightly upbeat with killing).

Overall, I really like the animation. A few things like the sound design could get sorted out, but at most, Keep it up!

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Assassinate:Madness Assassinate:Madness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This some really good stuff, and there's no doubt a lot of work put into this. Though, I'll post my opinion on each animator.

Kewell; Your stuff is no doubt, the best here. The animations look smooth and especially the part on the rooftop. Though, it's odd the fact that the assassin is a little too detailed compared to the rest.

Chaos; the animation is pretty good here too. The background could've been better though. And lastly, lever-action rifles in that time setting isn't fair (lol).

Wop, Animation wise, it's pretty good. Design wise, minimalistic sure, but too minimal.

MCCrazy's animation seems to be my favorite here. Kinda sad there's not that much of it.

Sunhang animation is quite simple, I like it. I like the concept of a Smith agent as an assassin. Again, with MCCrazy, there's not that much I can talk on.

Overall, This is a pretty good compilation of animations. All animations look really smooth though some slow-down (leading to a slow and awkward kill) is there.

This deserves 4.5 stars, Keep it up guys!

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Ghost-Kewell responds:

This is a really nice comment,thanks a lot :D

My Little Whachow My Little Whachow

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good thing I know MLP, or not, I would've reheard
"I'm really getting into this federal coughing thing"

Psyguy responds:

alternate ending blue-ray only

Team Fortress 2 Fail Team Fortress 2 Fail

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Two premiums ( Soldier and Demoman) fight over another premium for a hat ( The Scout ). Meh, seems normal to me.